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Owandy is an international player and is renowned for manufacturing dental imaging solutions and developing imaging and practised management software. Its software is used by around half of the dental practitioners in France today and its range of digital imaging solutions is available to dentist in more than 50 countries worldwide


Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is the space within the root of a tooth. It is part of a naturally occurring space within a tooth that consists of the pulp chamber (within the coronal part of the tooth), the main canal(s), and more intricate anatomical branches that may connect the root canals to each other or to the surface of the root.

The smaller branches, referred to as accessory canals, are most frequently found near the root end (apex) but may be encountered anywhere along the root length. There may be one or two main canals within each root. Some teeth have more variable internal anatomy than others. This space is filled with a highly vascularized, loose connective tissue, the dental pulp.

The dental pulp is the tissue of which the dentin portion of the tooth is composed. The dental pulp helps complete formation of the secondary teeth (adult teeth) one to two years after eruption into the mouth. The dental pulp also nourishes and hydrates the tooth structure which makes the tooth more resilient, less brittle and less prone to fracture from chewing hard foods. Additionally, the dental pulp provides a hot and cold sensory function.

Composite Restoration

When the patient looses a part of the tooth due to decay or other reasons the dentist may opt for a filling (restoration). Previously amalgam fillings were used but not being aesthetic don’t find favour.
At our clinic we use the “visual light cured” composite material with shade matching to the existing tooth for the most natural finish. We carry out class i, ii, iii, iv & v restorations. The materials used are from companies like 3M, ultradent, Vivadent, dentsply & kulzer.


Ultrasonic Scaling (Cleaning)

Scaling, oral propylaxis is the procedure of removing calculus,plaque and stains from the teeth. Our clinic uses “EMS piezon” & “satelec”ultrasonic scaling systems and gives in depth cleaning where required. Various attachments are used for various applications that operate at a very high frquency thereby enabling the procedure to be comfortable & less time consuming.The scaling is followed by polishing of the tooth surface to make it smooth.

Calculus Deposit 


Bleaching (Tooth Whitening)

Our teeth with age tend to discolour or become yellowish due to habits as drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, smoking etc. They also get stained from high level of fluoride in water in some places.

All these stains can be removed and the yellowish hue can be whitened to a great degree by a procedure called bleaching.

At our clinic we do a combination of 2 systems.

  • In office bleaching system which lasts for about 1 hour.
  • Take home bleaching system with bleaching trays and bleaching material to be applied at night.

A combination of the systems is recommended only after clinical evaluation of the oral hygenic condition of the patient. also the patient can select any procedure. the combination of the systems is safe & effective in most cases.

Our bleaching systems are FD & CE accredeted.

Complete Dentures


Castpartial Dentures


Dentures ( Flexible Dentures )

Dentures are removable appliances for replacing missing tooth structure. they prevent existing teeth from drifting into surrounding space of missing teeth and also help in the primary objective of chewing food.
Dentures can be either complete or partial depending on the missing number of teeth and can be made from resin ,metal or a combination of both depending on the clinical evaluation. being removable appliances they need more care and better handling over period of time .

Flexible partial dentures have got inbuilt flexibility to disengage forces on individual saddle so as to avoid them from transferring to remaining natural teeth and other side of the arch.

Advantages of Valplast Flexible Dentures

  • As metal clasp is eliminated, esthetics is obvious advantage.
  • As color of the material is pink and it is translucent, it blends with the gingival tissue tone and does not give opaque pink look of acrylic.

Our Clinic Also Provides “Valplast” Flexible Dentures For Long Lasting Comfort Made From Special Resin.


Laminates & Veneers

As the name suggests dental laminates and veneers are thin custom made shells of tooth coloured material placed over the front surface of the tooth to improve smile and tooth appearance. Typically they have many advantages such as they are difficult to stain. they are also “one” solution to multiple problems as alignment, gaps, chipped tooth and stained tooth.
They are a great tool if you really want to redisgn your entire smile with minimal tooth preparation.

At our clinic you can get laminates and veneers with paint on colours for the optimum toning that you wish to have .

Zirconia Crowns

Ceramic Crown Pre and Post


Crown & Bridges

A dental crown or cap is a custom made restoration that covers a tooth with sustained significant loss of structure. They are used to restore teeth to a certain shape and size along with providing strength. In cases where rct has been perfomed the crowns are highly recommended.

With todays advancement in dentistry the crowns are fabricated from various materials.

  • Metal crowns.
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns.
  • Metal free ceramic crowns.

When multiple crowns are fabricated jointly to fill gaps of missing teeth or pontics is called a bridge. the bridge to succeed needs to be supported by healthy teeth on each side for strength.
The bridges can also be made from the materials mentioned above.

They are a great tool if you really want to redisgn your entire smile with minimal tooth preparation.

At our clinic you can get laminates and veneers with paint on colours for the optimum toning that you wish to have .

Canine Disimpaction

Dental Implant & Oral Surgeries

Oral surgery basically involves any dental surgical procedure that also mainly involves the bone. Through diagnosis and treatment planning are evaluated before oral surgery takes place.
Some of the more common and routine procedures are

  • surgical impaction of impacted tooth.
  • bone grafting procedures.
  • apicoetomy.

Zygomatic Implants

Rehabilitation of the upper jaw with conventional dental  implants may not be possible in few cases where the upper jaw or maxilla has dimensionally reduced due to long standing edentulism or surgical resection. In this case your dentist shall refer you to a Maxillofacial surgeon who shall place the dental implants taking support of the neighbouring “cheek” bone or the zygomatic bone. The rehabilitation of the entire jaw is done with 4 zygomatic implants also known as quad zygoma.


Perisurgery with bone Grafts


Pre-operative picture  Recession of gums


Gingival Recession surgery using connetive tissue grafts


Post-operative picture after root coverage surgery


Treatmen of Bruxism & Fabrication of Mouth Guard & Night Bleaching Trays

Lot of people have a habbit of grinding their teeth while sleeping .this habbit is known as bruxism. Its causes can differ but has one solution of wearing a night guard in the mouth alternating between upper and lower teeth every night. The mouth guard prevents the teeth from getting worn out.
It is a must to have the guard in order to prevent damage to your teeth .the fabrication takes a short while.

Our clinic offers the services of fabricating trays for sports persons in order to prevent injury to the teeth while playing various sports.
We also fabricate custom bleacing trays for night bleach .

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