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Goa Dental Clinics were started by Dr. Mrs. Vandana Manchanda who completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery course in 1995 and there after successfully completed her internship training and house job. She worked with a government aided Dental College as Registrar (Department of Prosthodontics and dental materials) for a while and then joined private practitioners and also went to gain practical work experience in one of the top dental practices in Bahrain. Ever since her reaturn she has had her own private practice.



Aerial disinfection system. Jetfog is the most advanced electrically operated ulv fogger for aerial disinfection systems



  • Hospitals Ot, Icu, General Wards & Dental Clinics
  • Pharmaceuticals Production Area , Inject Able Area, Clean Room Area
  • Laboratories Microbiology & Tissue Culture
  • Food Processing & Dairy Industry
  • Hatcheries Animal Houses


  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Chlorine-free
  • Requires no rinsing
  • Non-mutagenic
  • highly effective


Linen disinfectant


  • Each 100 gm contain;
  • 1,6 dihydroxy, 2-5 dioxahexane 11,2 g.
  • Glutaraldehyde 5.0 g.
  • Benzalkonium chloride IP 5.0 g.
  • Alkyl urea derivative 3.0 g.

Areas of Applications:
Bacillocid special is suitable for the cleaning surface disinfection of washable surface using the wet-wipe procrdure in hospitals & residential / nursing homes particularly for all functional areas in the pharmaceutical industry that are relevant to hygiene (acc to BPD*) in laboratories and the cosmetics industry (acc to BPD*)

Pilot power electric spray:

Pilot power electric spray guns are innovatively designed to finely atomize all spray able materials. a high speed piston pump in the pilot power electric spray gun draws up the fluid and atomizes it solely by hydrostatic pressure after passing through a swirl-and-nozzle system the fluid is then finely atomized and selivered onto the surface to be sprayed in the form of a cone.

Pilot: Fragmentation

Bacillol 25:

Alcohol-based rapid disinfectant for hard surface requiring immediate disinfection

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